Why is Calendly Not Showing Availability? Causes & Fixes

why is calendly not showing availability

If you use Calendly to simplify scheduling and maximize productivity, the last thing you want is for it to stop working when you need it most! This can be particularly frustrating if your availability isn’t showing up – after all, without displaying the times that work for your schedule, Calendly becomes just another source of frustration.

Don’t worry. Our guide will help you figure out why this could happen, the possible causes, and how to fix them in no time so that using Calendly can remain an enjoyable experience. So, why is Calendly not showing availability? Let’s get to the bottom of this!

What is Calendly Availability?

Calendly helps us maintain control over our meeting schedules by allowing us to customize our availability in great detail. Instead of having to shuffle appointments around manually every time something comes up, we can set and forget our preferences.

Plus, with how sophisticated Calendly is, it takes into account the meetings we’ve already scheduled and updates according to events on our connected calendars. You can easily specify which dates and hours you’re available for or away regularly. With Calendly, you won’t miss those important meetings ever again!

Why is Calendly Not Showing Availability? Most Common Reasons

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Calendly has become an essential part of streamlining our lives, but when availability settings seem to need to be fixed, it can rob us of precious time.

Fortunately,according to the official Calendly website, it usually comes down to a few easily fixed issues, depending on the label you receive:

  • PAST: The time slot is in the past and can no longer be booked.
  • DAYMAX: The daily limit for this event type has been reached.
  • GROUP: The maximum number of attendees for this group event has been reached.
  • TOOSOON: The time slot is outside of the event type’s minimum scheduling notice.
  • RANGE: The time slot is outside of the date range set for this event type.
  • EVENT: Someone has already scheduled this type of event for this time slot.
  • OVERLAP: The time slot overlaps with another Calendly event that has been scheduled.
  • BUFFER: A buffer setting is blocking this time slot. Team members with conflicting buffer settings will be listed.
  • CALENDAR: The time slot overlaps with a busy event in a connected calendar or one of your team members. Team members with “busy” calendar events will be listed.
  • NOCAL: Calendly is unable to connect to your calendar or one of your team members. Team members whose calendars aren’t connected will be listed.
  • UNFAIR: The only available team members have received too many meetings. This time slot will become available again when events are scheduled with other users, and the distribution of meetings becomes equal. The current distribution of meetings per team member will be listed.
  • DURATION: The event duration is longer than the time you are available.
  • RESERVED: This time slot has been reserved for a pending One-off Meeting or poll. Once the invitee books a time slot for the One-off Meeting, the remaining reserved times will be cleared from your calendar.
  • HOST: One of the hosts on your Collective event type is not available for this time slot. On a Collective event, a time slot will only be shown as available when all of the hosts assigned to the event are available at that time.

How to Fix Calendly Not Showing Availability

To fix Calendly not showing availability, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Calendly account.
  2. Go to the event for which you’re having availability issues.
  3. Click on “View Live Page” in the upper right-hand corner of the event details page.
  4. Identify the specific date or time slot where you are facing availability problems.
  5. Press the “Troubleshoot” button at the bottom of the window.
  6. Click on the date again and identify the slots where you appear as “Unavailable.” Click on any of them to view the specific reason for the unavailability.
  7. Check your connected calendar for any blocked-off time slots. This may be the cause of the unavailability.
  8. To fix the issue, navigate to the blocked-off time slot in your calendar, and click on “Edit Event.”
  9. Change the setting from “Busy” to “Free.” This will make the calendar show you as available to the invitee.
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 for all the unavailable slots.
  11. Once you have made all the necessary changes, return to Calendly and refresh the page to confirm that the availability is now showing correctly.

Resolving Incorrect Availability Issues

You think you have a free day, only to find that someone has already booked you for an appointment! Here’s how to fix this issue:

To identify the reason for unintended availability, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Calendly account.
  2. Go to “Account” and select “Calendar Connections.”
  3. Locate the “Check for Conflicts” option and select “Edit.”
  4. Select all calendars that should be checked for conflicts.
  5. If you are using Office 365 and Outlook, check if you have marked yourself as “Away” or “Tentative” on events. This may cause Calendly to consider you as available.
  6. If you are using Google, check if you have set all-day events as “Free” by default. Change the status of all-day events to “Busy” to avoid double bookings and ensure that Calendly considers you unavailable for the day.
  7. Once you have made all the necessary changes, go back to Calendly and reload the page to confirm that your availability is now accurately reflected.

Final Thoughts

Calendly is a great tool to save time in scheduling meetings, but it could be better. It’s very common to experience an issue with your availability not showing on Calendly.

When this occurs, it can feel like an indefinite roadblock to productivity and efficiency. The truth is this issue can be solved in just a few steps as long as you know what is causing it. Hopefully, we helped answer that frustrating question – “why is Calendly not showing availability?”

Whether the underlying cause is something mundane or more complex, plenty of easy fixes are available with a little digging. Once you identify where the problem lies and make the necessary changes, your desired availability should be back in no time – so schedule away!

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