Top 5 Home Office Signs: The Best Way to Improve Your Office Décor

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The Covid-19 pandemic caused some massive changes around the world. One of the biggest changes was that many people were bound to their homes. They had to find ways to make improvised home offices and work from there instead of going to the office.

For those who were forced to work from home and for those who still choose to do so, having a home office sign is an interesting way of making your workspace seem more professional. We’re going to review our top five home office signs. Keep reading to find out which one would fit your office best!

Best Home Office Signs: Top 5 Signs Reviewed

1. Bebarley The Home Office Sign

If you’ve seen The Office, you’ll want this sign in your home. Like in the show, this sign has the words “The Office” on it with an illustration of a man with a briefcase and someone sitting at a desk. 

The sign is made from acrylic material and the dimensions are 9×3 inches. It is also worth mentioning that the orientation is landscape, so you should keep that in mind when trying to fit the sign in your space. You can attach it to a door or a wall near your office. 

Another thing you should know is that you do not need to drill holes or screw the sign to the wall or door. This sign is easy to use because it comes with tape that will help secure it.


  • Durable sign
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Can be attached to various surfaces and materials


  • Black paint could chip after some time

If you are looking for a cheap office sign that you can attach without drilling or screwing, this is a great choice for you!

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2. Maitys Working from Home Wood Home Office Sign

This second sign is somewhat different from the previous one because of the materials and the way you set it up. While the previous one was acrylic, this sign is made from wood.

The best place to attach the sign is a door. It comes with flax rope that you can use to set up the sign, but you will need something to hang it on. 

The sign reads: “Working From Home, Please Do Not Knock or Disrupt.” The words are nicely printed, so anyone will be able to read them and get the hint that they should not bother you. 


  • Polite message on the sign
  • Conveniently sized sign for any door
  • Sturdy material


  • The rope may not be that durable

If you are looking for a sign with a whole “do not disturb” message on it, this could be the sign for you. You can get it for a very affordable price and add it to any door around your home. 

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3. Bestylez Working from Home Office Sign 

If you are looking for aluminum, brightly colored home office signs, Bestylez has got you covered. They have all kinds of signs – from regular ones that say “Working from Home – Please Do Not Knock or Ring Doorbell” to ones with funny pictures printed on them. 

You can get a sign for each room of your house if you choose to, but this company has the best designs for home offices. The colors won’t fade, so you’ll be able to use your sign for a long time.

You can choose to screw the sign on a door or wall, or you can hang it by a rope.


  • Various prints and designs
  • Pre-drilled screw holes
  • Round, safe edges


  • Can dent if not handled with care

The design of this sign is timeless and makes it great for any office environment. We do not doubt that it will fit the aesthetics of any office. 

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4. Licpact Working from Home Office Sign

This sign from Licpact resembles the second one we mentioned in this review as this is also a wooden sign that comes with a rope for hanging. Still, this sign features a different message that reads “Working From Home – Do Not Knock or Ring Bell, Leave Packages at Door, No Soliciting.”

Not only can you hang this sign on the door to your office, but you can also hang it on a wall or mount it to something else. It comes with strong twine that you can use to hang the sign.

There are two holes on the top of the sign for the twine. If you want to, you could remove the thread and add screws in the holes instead.


  • Thick wooden sign
  • Strong twine
  • Durable and lasting sign


  • The size of the sign might be a bit small for people’s liking

This is one of the easiest signs to set up. It does come at a bit of a higher price than the previously mentioned signs, so keep that in mind when deciding which one you want to get. 

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5. Rogue River Tactical Metal Home Office Sign

The final sign on our list is the simplest one without a doubt. A blue and white design with only the word “Office” on it. It’s simple, but this is the only thing you need to make it clear that the room is reserved for business only. 

This aluminum design with ideal dimensions can be used both in and outside of the house. It comes with two pre-made holes, so you can easily attach it wherever you want without drilling any holes by yourself. You can either put a thread through the holes and hang the sign or use thin screws to attach the sign to the wall. 

The printing is done perfectly, so you can count on this sign to stay readable for years after you purchase it. This will be the case even if you expose the sign to various weather conditions by attaching it to the outside of your house. So, do not hesitate to purchase this sign for your home office or outside your home.


  • High-quality aluminum
  • Pre-made holes
  • Durable design


  • It may be too simple for some people’s liking.

Even though many would say the design of this sign is too simple, simplicity is best in many cases. If you are looking for a sign proudly made in the USA, then you will not find anything better than this sign. 

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Why Do You Need a Home Office Sign?

Fill Up Empty Walls

If you have a ton of empty walls around your office, you should find a way to make them more playful and inspirational to you. Aside from the office basics like shelves or pictures, you can add signs to help people find your office easily. The sign can also make you feel like you are in an actual office, not an improvised home office, making you more inspired to get some work done!

Good Ambiance

No one wants to work in an area that doesn’t have a good vibe. You need an office that will keep you inspired, happy, and willing to do some work. So, to create ambiance in your home, consider adding some office signs with interesting designs that will keep you motivated throughout the day.


A large house with many rooms can confuse guests or even clients. If clients are coming to your house and having to make their way to your office by themselves, they will need some kind of direction.

So, if you want to keep people from going into other rooms, a sign will come in handy. This type of sign would be the perfect thing to attach to the door or wall next to your office to show guests where your office is.

FAQs on Home Office Signs

Are home office signs durable?

There are a ton of home office signs that are quite durable. You can look into the ones we reviewed for this guide and learn which are the most durable. 

A general assumption is that aluminum signs are more durable than wooden ones, especially if you are planning on hanging them outside your home. The aluminum ones are weather-proof, so they will not get damaged, even if exposed to rain or snow. The same cannot be said for wooden signs, so keep that in mind if your home office is located outside your actual house. 

Are home office signs easy to use?

Many home signs are easy to use. If you prioritize ease of use over other features, we recommend that you look into the signs that come with sticky tape on them. For those signs, you will not need to drill holes or use screws. Remember that signs with sticky tape are the easiest to set up and take down, so you should look into them as well. 

Are there custom office signs for walls?

Of course, a lot of companies offer to create signs that are tailor-made just for you. You can choose the design, colors, and even the message on the sign. So, if you have a specific design in mind for your home office sign, do not hesitate to look into companies that make custom signs. 

Best Home Office Signs Brands


Bebarley is a company that has been creating office signs and other types of signs for upwards of 10 years. All of their signs are durable and easy to hang up, making them quite convenient. If you are looking for a great company to provide you with signs for various purposes, this could be the one for you.


Maitys is an interesting company because they create several different items. Whether you are looking for beauty products, signs, or random household items, this company has you covered. Their items are always listed at affordable prices, so do not hesitate to check them out


As mentioned in the review, Bestylez is a company that designs signs for various uses. They have been around for a while and have a ton of great products they offer besides the actual signs. So, if you are in the market for a sign or a household item, make sure to check out their online store


Licpact is a company dedicated to making great signs for anyone’s home. A person could choose between their many affordable signs depending on what they need a sign for. Considering how many unique designs they have, we do not doubt that you’ll be able to find a sign that fits your needs.

Rogue River Tactical

Rogue River Tactical is a USA-based company that does printing on various items. If you are looking for a sign, mug, t-shirt, or anything else with a personalized logo or message, they are the company to contact. They also sell their items in various online stores as well as actual stores, so you should have no problem finding their products.

Wrap Up

A simple office sign will help prevent people from interrupting you, help you stay more focused, and will give your home office a more professional look. It can also keep you motivated during long days in your home office and can make your space more cozy and inviting.

If you are looking for a metal sign for your office, look into the ones from Bebarley, Bestylez, or Rogue River Tactical. For a wooden sign, look into Maitys or Licpact. 

Thank you for sticking with us through this guide. We hope you liked the signs we selected for the article, but if you know any other great home office signs, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments below!

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