How to Choose the Best Lavender Essential Oil 

best lavender essential oil

When it comes to essential oils, there are many to choose from. But, a trendy one is made from the lavender plant. This is one of the best due to its versatility. It can be used in various ways and can help treat several health issues, such as respiratory problems.

But generally, most people use lavender essential oil to help them get a good night’s sleep or reduce their anxiety levels. However, when finding the best true lavender essential oil, you must be aware that some are less effective than others. It all depends on the kind of lavender plant from which the oil has been extracted.

This article looks at what we consider to be some of the best lavender essential oils available. Plus, offer advice you may find helpful so that you choose the right one for your needs.

5 of the Best Lavender Essential Oils You Can Get

This part of the article looks at several brands of lavender essential oils that you can buy easily.

1. Naturobliss Lavender Essential Oil

NaturoBliss 100% Pure & Natural Lavender Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade Premium Quality Lavender Oil with Glass DropperIf you are looking for a reasonably priced true lavender essential oil, this one from Naturobliss is a good option. The lavender oil is extracted from the plant using steam, and this is what helps to give it an exceptional therapeutic fragrance.

You will find it comes in a good-quality bottle, and the inclusion of a glass dropper ensures that you can use the right amount at all times.

If you are looking for the best lavender essential oil to help you get a good night’s sleep, this one will prove helpful, as it is 100% pure. Plus, when diluted, you will find that it works well for treating skin conditions such as eczema.


  • It is available at a great price
  • It is made with high standards and has a strong scent
  • It is 100% pure essential oil
  • You will find it is excellent for topical application to treat skin conditions


  • There are no independent lab tests or certificates available

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2. Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil

Handcraft Blends Lavender Essential OilIf you are looking for pure natural lavender, an essential oil that is also organic, look no further than that Handcraft. This undiluted therapeutic grade high-quality true lavender essential oil is created using steam distillation.

It is provided to you in an amber glass bottle to protect it against sunlight and UV rays. It also comes with a glass dropper to ensure that you only use the exact amount you need, so there are no concerns you will waste any.

This product is made in India but undergoes rigorous testing in independent laboratories to ensure its authenticity and to test its efficacy.


  • It comes packed in an amber glass bottle
  • It is FDA registered
  • It comes with a glass dropper that will prevent any spillage
  • You will find a few drops of lavender oil go a long way
  • Undergoes rigorous testing to check its efficacy and authenticity
  • It is 100% pure natural lavender oil


  • You will find that it lacks enough size options for you to choose from
  • Must never be used undiluted

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3. Gya Labs Pure Lavender Oil

Gya Labs Pure Lavender OilYou will find that Gya Labs’ pure lavender oil is ideal for helping you relax. As no camphor is used in manufacturing this lavender essential oil, you will find it has a rich sweet floral aroma.

The lavender plants used in creating this essential oil are grown in Bulgaria and are 100% pure. As with the other true lavender essential oils we discuss here, this one is made using steam distillation.

Also, before bottling this product, it undergoes tests to check its potency and purity. Not only is this a therapeutic-grade essential oil, but it is rich in many properties that can benefit your health and well-being in several ways.


  • it is made using the finest Bulgarian lavender flowers
  • It undergoes rigorous testing to check both potency and purity
  • It is 100% pure natural organic lavender essential oil
  • Is therapeutic-grade complementary treatment


  • It should never be used on pregnant women, children, or animals
  • You must dilute it with a carrier oil before you apply it to your skin

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4. Sun Essential Oils Lavender Essential Oil

Sun Essential Oils 4ozIf you are looking for lavender essential oil at an affordable price, look no further than this one from Sun Essential. All ingredients used in making this particular essential oil are of high quality. As a result, this helps to make it one of the most effective lavender essential oils available today.

It comes with a beautiful smell that proves helpful in treating different health problems.

Also, you will find that the species of lavender used in this oil works effectively at helping to repel insects. With this particular brand, you are also a manufacturer refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product. But this is a company that believes you will love what they offer.


  • It is a great essential oil with some fantastic benefits and therapeutic properties
  • It is excellent value for money to use for lavender aromatherapy purposes
  • It works well at repelling insects
  • You will find it has a pleasant mild smell
  • Undergoes rigorous testing


  • You may find the floral scent it gives off relatively weak, so it doesn’t last very long

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5. Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil

MAJESTIC PURE Lavender Essential OilUnlike the other lavender essential oils, this one from Majestic Pure is slightly different. This is because it is a blend of 2 lavender plants, one from Bulgaria and the other from France.

As with the other products in this article, the oil is extracted from the lavender plants using steam distillation. Once the oil has been removed, it is sent to the USA for packaging.

All the plants used in manufacturing this essential oil have been ethically sourced and have never been tested on animals.

It is excellent to use for aromatherapy treatments. You are also provided with clear instructions on how to use it.


  • It is a therapeutic-grade oil
  • is made up of a blend of 2 types of pure lavender oil
  • It comes with a glass dropper for ease of use
  • You will find it is pocket friendly
  • Is ethically sourced and cruelty-free


  • Should never be used on children or pets as it is potentially toxic to them
  • May find the floral scent it gives off is inconsistent
  • It is for external use only

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We´ve taken a brief look at what we consider to be five of the best lavender essential oils you can buy today. But now we will provide you with some advice that will prove helpful so you can decide which of these will meet your particular requirements.

What is Lavender Essential Oil?

We have already said that this is a top-rated essential oil. The main reason for this is that it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways. It can be used as a lavender aromatherapy treatment or to help treat skin conditions such as eczema.

Most lavender oil is made from two species of this plant. You will soon learn that each comes with a slightly different chemical profile, meaning they come with slightly different properties. Which of these other lavender oils you choose will ultimately depend on what you want to achieve when using it.

So what are the two types of lavender plants used to make this essential oil?

Type 1 – English Lavender

This is most often the type you would use for topically applying to your skin. It can also be used when added to teas or as part of aromatherapy treatments. It is ideal for helping to relieve anxiety, promote relaxation and help you to sleep at night due to its therapeutic properties.

A few drops on your pillow at night may help you get a good night’s sleep as it has been shown it helps increase melatonin levels in the body. This chemical is important as it helps to regulate your sleep.

Type 2 – Spike Lavender

You will find that the aroma produced by this particular lavender plant is a little spicier.

You will find that the essential oil made from this lavender has excellent antiviral and therapeutic properties. So you should look at using this to combat the flu or treat cuts or scrapes. It is also good when combined with carrier oil to treat skin conditions such as acne.

How To Select The Best Essential Oil Made From Lavender

Unfortunately, when it comes to essential oils, be aware that the FDA does not regulate the companies that make them. So be mindful that they can make claims about their products that can only sometimes be substantiated.

However, there are specific things to look for that can help give you a better idea of whether the product you are buying is genuinely worth the money you will be spending.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Lavender Essential Oil

Check the Label

The first thing to look at carefully is the labeling. Avoid any products that use terms such as lavender essence, or oil or are identical when describing the product. Instead, choose only those that use wording such as natural, 100% pure, or undiluted on theirs.

Be aware that when buying these products, expect to pay more for the real ones. This is because large amounts of the lavender plant are needed to make pure essential lavender oil.

Check Spècies of Plant Oil

You may be surprised to learn that there are over 30 different types of lavender plants that are grown around the world. However, when it comes to essential oils, you need only buy those made from either Spike or English lavender.

Also, as you read the label, check the one you are buying is 100% pure.

Unfortunately, some will have been blended with other oils, making them less effective for treating such conditions.

How the Oil is Extracted

How the oil has been extracted from the plant makes a significant difference in its quality. If you want to ensure that the oil you are going to be using is of the highest quality, then choose the ones where it has been extracted from the plant using steam distillation, so it comes to you in its purest form.

This process helps ensure that 100% of the actual oil is removed from the plant.

How it is Packed

A good quality essential oil should only ever be packed into a dark-colored bottle. So if the product comes in a clear plastic bottle, you will be wasting money.

The reason good quality essential oils are kept in dark-colored bottles is to help protect them from sunlight. If the oil comes into contact with direct sunlight, it will quickly degrade. In such situations, this will mean that it will soon begin to lose its potency and effectiveness.

What to do Before Using Lavender Essential Oil

As with all essential oils, one made from lavender needs to be diluted by mixing it with a carrier oil if you are going to be applying it to your skin. Doing this will reduce the risk of any irritation occurring.

You can mix the organic lavender essential oil with carrier oils made from coconut, jojoba, or almonds. Also, be aware that the amount of lavender oil you dilute into the carrier oil will differ for adults and children.

If you are using a lavender essential oil on your skin, you need to dilute 15 drops of it with 1 ounce of carrier oil. As for using on children, you should only use between 3 and 6 drops of the essential oil mixed with 1 ounce of the carrier oil of your choice, plus, you should never use any essential oils without discussing the matter with your doctor first.

Also, before applying such to your skin, you must carry out a patch test first. So use it on a small area of the skin to check if any allergic reactions occur. If there is no reaction, then you can use the mixture where it is required.


Where Should You Apply Lavender Essential Oil for Anxiety?

After diluting this essential oil with a carrier oil, the best place to apply it is on pulse points. So dab a small amount on your wrists or behind your ears. You can even wipe some onto your ankles, onto your temples, or over your heart.

If you intend to dab some onto your temples, it is best to lie down and do this, as it will prevent any risk of it dripping into your eyes.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

The side effects that are produced by these are minimal. However, it is always best to read through the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that you use them correctly. Also, you should never ingest these products, nor should you ever apply them directly to your skin before mixing them with a carrier oil.

Be aware that lengthy exposure to these oils without sufficient ventilation can lead to irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes. It can also lead to the risk of headaches.

Does Lavender Essential Oil Help Treat Acne?

The lavender plant from which this oil has been extracted contains specific properties that help kill bacteria and heal acne breakouts. You will also find it helps to get pores unclogged and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Can Lavender Essential Oil Help with Hair Growth?

You will find that this plant contains specific properties that help to stimulate the growth of hair. Over time you will start to notice your hair grows a lot thicker and faster than it usually would.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

With a little research, you will find that lavender essential oil can be used in various ways. Not only can it be used for treating skin conditions, but also to reduce inflammation and pain.

You will also find it is effective when used in an aromatherapy diffuser or a few drops on a pillow to help you relax. This will ultimately provide you with a much better night’s sleep.

However, you still need to be careful, and if you start to develop any side effects, such as a rash on your skin, then you should stop using it. Also, it is worth speaking with your doctor to see what may be the cause.

We hope that you have found this article helpful in choosing the right lavender essential oil for your needs.

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